This pinched mug and bowl were made while evacuating from Hurricane Ida last fall. As I formed them, I thought about what grounds us during disorienting moments such as fleeing from natural disaster. For me, handmade clay vessels as a part of my daily eating and drinking routine are immensely settling. I imagine this set as part of a hurricane "go" bag - something that stacks and can be wrapped up and transported somewhat easily. It is covered in black glaze, with a spiral layer of sparkly glaze on top. Of course you can use it at home, or whever you're in need of something to ground your eating/drinking routine.


  • Pinched stoneware bowl and mug, black glaze with sparkly spiral glaze on top
  • Electric fired cone6 oxidation
  • Mug: 3.25" wide with handle, 2" tall, holds 4oz. liquid
  • Bowl: 4.5" wide, 2.25" tall
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Why it's a "second": It's not! This is a piece I've been holding on to that I'm ready to let go of. I also usually make wheelthrown pots, so something pinched is out of my normal practice, though you can see why above.

Hurricane "go" set, bowl and mug