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High school is a time in which students are shaping their identities in relation to the rest of the world. Our actions and attitudes affect others' experience in this world - we've gotta spread joy and kindness!

On the first day, I handed the students a list of quotes about kindness. They read through the list, selected their favorite, and we discussed. After our discussion, they made a list of 10 acts of kindness. Over the weekend, their homework was to perform 3 of these acts of kindness and reflect on the effects of their actions. We also did a couple of improvisation acting activities aimed at inspiring creative thought about kindness.

The next class, after the students shared their acts of kindness they performed over the weekend and how it made them/the recipient of their act feel, we watched some examples of videos about bullying and kindness. The students analyzed the effectiveness of these videos.

We even looked at a video about a local mural project in Richmond called The Light of Human Kindness...

Students worked in groups to develop an idea for their video, created a storyboard, designated production roles, filmed, and edited.

Here's a silly little video I made about the basics about storyboarding.

On the last day of this unit, we critiqued all of the student videos and their potential to impact social change. Below are the wonderful videos they made promoting respect and kindness!

National Art Standards: 1a, 1b, 2a, 2e, 3a, 3b, 4d, 5a, 5e, 6a

Virginia Art Standards: AI.2, AI.7, AI.12, AI.16, AI.17, AI.23

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